Marianne’s Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. / M.H.O.E.A.C.T.

We are chasethelighttours /
We contribute to cancer research.
Why ???? Because we believe that our donation helps.
The primary goal of the World Cancer Day and donating to this cause ,is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020

NEW MOON DATES FOR 2015 = 13 SEPT/13 OCT/ 11 NOV/ 11 DEC.
Great for observing the aurora with the naked eye.
Full Moon Nights ; 29 aug / 28 sept./ 27 oct/ .25 nov / 25 dec ./
These nights are great photography nights for lighting up the landscape with aurora and full moon. Colours on the Aurora can be more difficult to see with the naked eye if there’s a weak aurora.

The Aurora or northern lights are a natural Phenomenon , depending on the activity on the sun,its based on a kp value from 0-9.
Which indicates how far away from the arctic circle you should be to see the aurora.
With us being under the arctic circle here in Tromsø ,we don’t need a kp value to see it can be seen on 0 kp,but the higher the number the better the show.

Tromsø Has More Northern Lights Than ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD (AND THATS A FACT.)
Certificate Of Exellence 2014 / And 2015. Nightly Tour 1350 NOK Per Person.

by M.H.O.E.A.C.T.






Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours.

Also Known as M.H.O.E.A.C.T. / Marianne’s Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tours / Chasing The Lights / Chase the light tours /Or A Real Aurora Hunter With A Genuine Passion.


We are Real Genuine Aurora Hunters with a Lifetimes Experience And a Genuine PASSION.

Dont be fooled by any copy-cat rivals with simalar names.

All the named tours above are part of M.H.O.E.A.C.T./Our Web Page Is

And We Would like to thank all who joined us in previous years,2012/2013/2014/And the first part of the 2015 Season .

( This  fish like image of the Aurora Appeared In The Sky On The Day The Cod Arrived Here under the arctic circle) .

To the      cod

500 abthe big rock

     Many who Returned for the Second and Third Time Will know how Genuine we really are .


The first part of the 2015 Aurora season has been great,2015;

The Second half of the new aurora season will start early September 2015 to end of march 2016 .
For the months of (September 2013 to march 2014 a 97% high ),sept 2014 to End of March 2015 we have a 94% high of finding and viewing the aurora for that period,/Long may it last.

See trip adviser for finer details and comments etc.

We are currently taking new bookings for this period September 2015 to march 2016.


Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. M.H.O.E.A.C.T. /Aurora Photography Complete Package

Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours.
M.H.O.E.A.C.T. /Aurora Photography Complete Package

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All prices remain the same for the forth year running at M.H.O.E.A.C.T.

With MANY Extras added for your benefit at NO extra cost to you , for our VERY Popular Nightly Aurora Hunt.

 You Only PAY FOR THE TOUR The rest is FREE.

We also have a new Aurora Camp That we only visit when the weather conditions suits this area.



It has a Seated BBQ Area and Enclosed Shelter with 360 degrees viewing  Called a (Gapahuk) with open Log Burning Stove to view the Aurora from the Heated Comfort of Within .

We Also have been awarded a Certificate of Exellence by Trip Adviser for the second season in a row. 2014/2015

Click where it says Marianne’s Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tours on the certificate.
Certificate Of Exellence 2014



 M.H.O.E.A.C.T. / Also Advertised As Below ;

A Real Aurora Hunter With a Genuine Passion  / M.H.O.E.A.C.T / Low Light Professional Photographers With a Genuine Passion./Aurora Photography Complete Package .

You Can Read More About  ;  M.H.O.E.A.C.T.  on Trip adviser  or  In The Header Pages Of Our Web Site  Above  /


Email us for availability  at ; @


Then book your dates  DIRECT 

with us at ; @

And we will do the rest.

Once you see all that we do, and supply , then you will realise that you get ~ what you pay for.

And with us  M.H.O.E.A.C.T.  thats a lot , in fact no other group offers or supplies more than we do.

Including the hours spent hunting or viewing the aurora.And thats a fact,please see trip adviser for finer details.

The Passion and Hugs are free.You only pay for the tour.


Nightly Tour 1350 NOK  Per Person.


PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

    1350 nok



Aurora Photography Complete Package ;

Tour Every Night.

As and extra for the normal nightly tour.

See Below For The Finer Details.


This time with all the semi pro camera equipment supplied for your experience of viewing and capturing the aurora in all its glory:full details below.
A Canon crop frame Dslr with Canon 11-22 mm wide angle lens.

Memory card,spare batteries,and full night photography tuition.

A Professional Manfrotto Tripod with New Type Pistol grip , and all necessary items needed for your photography tour are supplied for this course.

So all you have to do is ;

MBEL7069jhy7 500

Email us for availability  and state which group that you are enquiring about at ;


Then book your dates  DIRECT 

with us at ; @

And we will do the rest.

Complete Aurora Photography Package.

We are a Photographic Group.

Who Specialise in Low light Aurora Photography ​.​
We supply everything that you may need for your comfort ; and to capture the Aurora for life as an image.
We are Professional Photographers with a Huge passion for the Aurora and Night Photography .
We have no limits to where we might travel to find the aurora , 200 klm radius , Island hopping or North , South , East or west to Finland or Sweden.
We are a small group of eight persons per mini bus.
We supply you with the following items ;

A Canon DSLR camera with a Canon 10-22mm Wide Angle lens with a  spare battery and 4 gb memory card Supplied with (Aurora Photography Complete Package  (ONLY).


 We also have Larger Spare Memory Cards for Sale if Needed.

A Professional Monfrotto Tripod with New Type Pistol , or  Ball , or Pan and Tilt Heads.
Warm all in one Synthetic Snow Suit with Hood ​ ​and Reflecter Vest for your safety.
Headlamp or Torch.
Heat pads for fFeet and Hands ,Gloves ,Hats , Socks and Boots with Professional 12 Spike Ice Crampons if Needed.
We give full Night Photography Tuition to all on the Course , Throughout the night , for catching the Aurora and NightScape in all its glory.
We have live Updates on the Current State of the Auroral oval ;

Planetary : kp index ; ​ 0-10 . Updated Regular .

Interplanetary magnetic field , 24/7.
Live link to the Tromsø Weather Forecaster up until Midnight.
Live one to one with other Guides on Aurora Hunts .
Two way Radio Contact with our Sister Aurora Chaser Groups.
A very High % of Finding the Aurora ;

3 year average  89%.

We have hot and cold food most nights sometimes heated over an open fire.

All vegetarian meals included but must be pre ordered.
And a free complementary drink.

To warm the cockles of your heart.

SHARED PASSION AND FREE HUGS TO ALL.You only pay the tour the rest is free.



Aurora Photography Complete Package.


Included : Full night photography tuition, hot and cold food, drinks , DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens , a warm suit, crampons, reflective vest , head torch,pistol grip,ballhead or pan and tilt heads with manfrotto tripod, memory card , hat, gloves, socks , boots with crampons and heat pads (if needed) , remote controls or cable release for most DSLR  camera’s /guide/driver with full passion and free hugs.

Duration: 6- 9 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy/ Medium
Number of participants: 4-8

 PRICE ; 2000.00 N.O.K.

Period    ; 6-9 Hours
Type / Complete Aurora Photography Package.
Nightly Price’s from ;

2000.00 N.O.K.


[All inclusive Tuition camera lens etc].

02/10/2014  TO  25/03/2015

Monday – Sunday

17:30-02:30 City Centre Post Office.


     2000 nok


Bank owner’s name and address:
Marianne Bergli , Dueveien 55 , 9015 Tromsø, Norway
97311376024  ,  Bank: name and address: Danske Bank Søndregate 13-15 , 7466
Trondheim , Norway
IBAN =  NO 3497311376024  or ,
SWIFT =  DABANO  22  Norway
Mark it with chasethelighttours. and your name.
Kind Regards  Marianne.
Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. 998346010
If paying by paypal please add 5% to total to cover paypal fees and all transactions hope to see you soon on one of our tours  – M.H.O.E.A.C.T.
Don’t delay book us today.
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Marianne’s Aurora or Fjord Private tours

Up to Four /4 persons per tour.

Private hire tour’s. Tailor made to suit you You choose,Your trip, We drive, distance no object,200klm radius. Or let us plan your tour for you.

Private Daily Hire.

6500 nok per day /up to 4 persons.
Daily hire 6 seat mini bus / Extra persons Over the 4 – 1350 each
Includes light launch and drinks .
Restuarant meals. Extra.
Dont delat book today.
April to August

World Cancer Day / Thursday Feb 4th 2016 /
Tromsø has more Northern Lights than any where else in the WORLD (Fact)
Certificate Of Exellence 2014 / 2015.
The primary goal of the World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020

We recoment that you use Tore and Sandra / /if you would like to book any dog sledgeing this winter as he has a lifetimes experience in all he does. Biography
Tore Albrigtsen, 49, was born and raised in Tromso, Norway. Tore is a wilderness guide and together with his girlfriend, Sandra Gollor, runs his own company, Active Tromso, offering dog sled tours, kayaking and mountaineering. He began mushing in 1978 and ran his first Finnmark race in 1987. He has completed that race 13 times. He ran the Iditarod in 2006 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his first long distance race. He said he had wanted to run the Iditarod ever since the first Norwegian, Stein Fjestad, ran it in 1977. He has also participated in classic ski expeditions and did the Finnmark and Iditarod on skis with one dog in 1996 and 1997. He climbed Mt. McKinley in 2007. Tore is a member of the Tromso 06 Omeen Sled Dog Club and says he enjoys kayaking, climbing and the Liverpool Football Club. He is the father of one adult daughter, Silje and the grandfather of Emma, 4.
Head Guide of Active Tromsø, Tore Albrigtsen, Has been in the world’s longest sled dog race Iditarod, where he attended and finished in 2006. Nine years earlier, like a true pioneer, he went the same course on skis with one dog!

In the 90s he ran both Ultra Marathons and ordinary Marathons. One time Tore ran The Nordmarka Forest Marathon in Oslo and after finishing he boarded a flight to Tromso to run The Midnight Sun Marathon that very same night.

He’s been skiing across Greenland, climbed some of the world’s highest peaks, and finished many sled dog races. He is a man who never sticks out his head for attention or fame, although his track record suggests that he could certainly do just that.

With more than 30 years of experience in extreme challenges and long distance sled dog racing Tore possesses natural leadership qualities. He puts the safety and wellbeing of others before his own. Any challenge of nature is first and foremost about Safety! Safety! Safety!
Tore Albrigtsen is a Certified Instructor for glaciers, mountaineering and kayaking. He enjoys nature’s joys and challenges.

Nowadays, he lives together with his girlfriend and Manager Sandra Gollor a peaceful and unique life. An amazing couple who love their dogs and always work hand in hand together to help all their participants to experience an adventure of lifetime.


Image taken by

3 Responses to Marianne’s Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. / M.H.O.E.A.C.T.

  1. Marianne says:

    It’s the Passion that makes the people, if you have the passion then we are the people.
    We Have a Genuine Passion for all we do in life. /Marianne Bergli .

  2. We had an amazing night yesterday. with great aurora sightings a trip to a finish lake. Very nice athmosphere with the couple Marianna & George. We felt like being part of the family! Adam & Tanja from Austria

  3. Paal Brekke says:

    I would like to inform you about our new documentary that we have made for science museums, hotels and tourist guide services.. With imagery from an award winning photographer.

    The documentary is now available in the following languages: English, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

    The interest for the aurora in Europe is very big – and we se this in Norway as thousands of tourists visit Norway to see these celestial lights..

    The film is in Full HD quality. This is the official trailer of the documentary “The Northern Lights – A Magic Experience”.

    Preview the entire film – but please do not distribute this link.

    The 25 minute documentary takes you on a breathtaking journey through space. By using pedagogic top-quality animations and spectacular solar imagery from NASA satellites it tells the full story of the northern lights from myth to science. The film is packed with interesting historical anecdotes and includes tips about how to take your own stunning aurora photos.

    It includes some of the world’s best photography and time lapse sequences of the northern lights. The film is perfectly suited for use at science museums, planetariums, hotels and by aurora tour guide companies.

    The documentary is produced by Pål Brekke, an international recognized solar physicist and public outreach expert with many years at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (

    Co-producer is award-winning aurora photographer Fredrik Broms ( Contact one of us for a preview of the film and for license options.

    We can also recommend the new book – also for sale on e.g Hurtigruten.

    Best regards

    Pål Brekke

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